Day by day, more corporations want to foster their agility to respond to changes faster and to make their customers satisfied. This means a new perspective within the company, a new mindset and new competencies in the company's human resources. 


Agile HR comes into play at this stage.


An Agile corporation consists of self-organizing and highly-disciplined teams. These teams can easily put HR’s hat on. Teams and Agile HR team organize the necessary training together, they do the recruitment together. They can even choose gifts together to be exchanged. The Agile HR transformation in corporations brings new opportunities as well. Agile HR does not change only the structure of HR, but also provides incredible opportunities to transform the whole structure into Agile.


In short, agility is a way of thinking. It is neither about control nor about setting rules. It focuses on learning and predictions based on intuitions. It aims to satisfy customers through strong, self-organizing, and motivated teams. HR plays a crucial role in spreading this way of thinking.

With Our Agile HR Approach


● You would embody what an Agile organization is, and the necessary principles and conditions for such an organization How the organizational structure, leadership competencies, culture look like.

● Why it is so important for HR to facilitate Agile Transformation and roles of HR that enable the formation of Agile organizations in 4 layers:

  • Organizational level,  

  • Leadership and self organizing team level, 

  • Becoming agile in HR department itself, 

  • And transforming Traditional HR TOOLS like performance management, feedback, recruitment, talent management, compensation & benefits and more.

HR setting all these management systems have a very big impact on the culture and management systems of any organization. You would learn how to design all these tools with Agile Values.

● You would learn, experience and feel the heart of Agile tools and routines like,

  • Scrum,

  • Backlog management,

  • Retrospective,

  • Sprint planning,

  • Agile Portfolio Management

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