We are proud to being a leading member of Global Agile People Movement from Sweden.
Agile People, is a global community of professional agilists who work to help all types of organizations increase business agility.

We as Agile People, see Agile beyond a methodology. It is a way of thinking and behaving and if Agile frameworks like scrum and kanban are implemented focusing on People, then it becomes an excellent container for Agile Principles, behaviors to thrive.

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The founder and leader of Agile People Movement Pia-Maria Thorén is one of the first people that combines the words Agile and HR. And she is the writer of the book "Agile People - A Radical Approach For HR & Managers". 

We are proud to be the editors of the Turkish version of this global reference book "Çevik İnsanlar - Yöneticiler ve İK için Çalışan Motivasyonunu Artıran Radikal Bir Yaklaşım". 

We are proud to be the co-writer of the Agile People Principles - Your Call to Action for the Future of Work.  
This book is the collaborative effort of 35 Agile People from around the world, all passionate to combine agile and people to enhance engagement and performance in workplaces. Our goal is to inspire and prepare managers, leaders, and HR professionals for the new world of work. 

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We are pleased to be in Agile People's BAF (Business Agility Foundations) Training Development and ICAgile Accreditation team!!!
People at every level and in practically every role in today's organizations are required to focus on customer delight, and bring innovation and continuous

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improvement into their work. This is a hard challenge and one that requires either building new muscles or limbering up muscles we may not use often.

This highly experiential set of learning outcomes equips participants with new knowledge, tools, and techniques to implement immediately. The ICAgile Certified Professional in Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF) is intended to jumpstart the organizational and individual transformation towards a more responsive, value-driven reality.

We are authorized to give ICAgile certified Agile Leadership and Agile HR trainings. 

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