In all services we give, it is important for us to give a customized service to meet your needs.


We do our work with a passion, sincerity and  learner mode to create a benefit for our customers. 


When working with teams, we move our focus from individuals to the relationship system that they form. We know that everybody is right in relationships, but only partially. 


By creating a space with sincerity, openness, courage, respect and deep democracy; teams start talking vulnerably with trust. With the tools we use we show the system to itself, eliminate toxic communication, create empathy, welcome them to set their conscious intentions and let them co-create.


When we want to create a change in an organization, it is like trying to move an elephant. If it does not willingly want to move, it will not.


Technical part of project management is important. But when we only focus on this in corporate projects, we fail. In order to effectively deliver projects we need to also understand how people perceive change and how we can manage the very normal phenomenon of 'resistance'. 

We give training, mentoring and consultancy services customized according to your needs. 

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Leading people, projects starts with leading ourselves.


According to your needs we have diverse content of training, that serve for the transition of being a newly promoted manager, leadership skills that make your staff follow you and the ways that leads to effective and efficient communication. 

Other then training, mentoring and coaching is also available. 


We know that teams, organizations that have diverse work force have higher IQ, get better decisions and have more creativity. In order these benefits to occur in any team or organization, the leadership style should be 'inclusive' to include all differences in an harmonic way. 

We prepare a ground and develop diversity and inclusiveness with our consultancy, training, group coaching and mentoring services.

We also work with women to eliminate their inner barriers that come from gender roles and make them feel empowered.