Setting Conscious Intentions is the starting point to bring change. 

We create our destiny with our intentions. All our chemistry, body language, focus, culture is aligned with our intentions.


So intent to be the change you want from the world, from your company, from others.  


Rest Will Follow.



Team Coaching

Corporate Coaching

Leadership & Technical Mentoring

System Need Analysis

Consultancy and Training on: 

*   Business Agility 

*   Agile HR

*   Agile Leadership

*   Change & Project Management 

*   Leadership

*   Collaboration & Communication

*   Team Building

*   Diversity & Inclusion

*   Women Empowerment



We understand your need and customize services accordingly.

Industrial Engineering, Agile, Lean, 

Change & Project Management,

HR Management,

ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching), 

Art of Hosting,  ADLER Coaching are some discipline that we use in our solutions. 

If you would like to see some references of our solutions with this methodology, please click below. 


We have subject matter of experts and trustworthy business partners from Sweden, Austria and Turkey. 

For more details, you may visit our About Us page. 


We are combining technical background in Agile, Lean, Engineering, R&D with HR, Change Management, Coaching and Team Coaching.


We find joy and meaning in serving for the goodness, motivation of people and the performance of the organizations. We believe that the success of organizations can be only achieved by high employee engagement, diversity and inclusion. 

With Adler Professional Coaching and ORSC (Organizational & Relationship Systems Coaching) background we serve as a facilitator to ease the change efforts of organizations, teams and individuals. 



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