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Setting Conscious Intentions is the starting point to bring change. 

We create our destiny with our intentions. All our chemistry, body language, focus, culture is aligned with our intentions.
So intent to be the change you want from the world, from your company, from others.  
Rest Will Follow.

Intent to Change

We are combining technical background in Agile, Lean, Engineering, R&D with HR, Change Management, Coaching and Team Coaching.

We find joy and meaning in serving for the goodness, motivation of people and the performance of the organizations. We believe that the success of organizations can be only achieved by high employee engagement, diversity and inclusion. 

With Adler Professional Coaching and ORSC (Organizational & Relationship Systems Coaching) background we serve as a facilitator to ease the change efforts of organizations, teams and individuals. 

Agile Solutions


We are proud to being a leading member of Global Agile People Movement from Sweden.

Agile People, is a global community of professional agilists who work to help all types of organizations increase business agility.

We as Agile People, see Agile beyond a methodology. It is a way of thinking and behaving and if Agile frameworks like scrum and kanban are implemented focusing on People, then it becomes an excellent container for Agile Principles, behaviors to thrive.

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Leadership & Growth Mindset


Leading people, projects starts with leading ourselves.

According to your needs we have diverse content of training, that serve for the transition of being a newly promoted manager, leadership skills that make your staff follow you and the ways that leads to effective and efficient communication. 

We design Leadershıp Development Programs according to your needs and support it with group mentoring, leadership mentoring & coaching.

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Change Management & Maturity Assessment

When we want to create a change in an organization, it is like trying to move an elephant. If it does not willingly want to move, it will not.

Technical part of project management is important. But when we only focus on this in corporate projects, we fail. In order to effectively deliver projects we need to also understand how people perceive change and how we can manage the very normal phenomenon of ‘resistance’.

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Team Coaching

When working with teams, we move our focus from individuals to the relationship system that they form. We know that everybody is right in relationships, but only partially. 

By creating a space with sincerity, openness, courage, respect and deep democracy; teams start talking vulnerably with trust. With the tools we use we show the system to itself, eliminate toxic communication, create empathy, welcome them to set their conscious intentions and let them co-create.

Face to face or remote… We bring teams together and make invisibles visible together. ​

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Since 2012

Agile People

We are proud to being a leading member of Global Agile People Movement from Sweden.

Agile People, is a global community of professional agilists who work to help all types of organizations increase business agility.




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See what people are saying

Some trainings crack the eggshell from the outside; Şebnem’s trainings are cracking the shell from the inside!”

Yasemin Akkozak Akbey 

HR Manager @ Viessmann Turkey

Companies are living creatures who build their own souls and cultures.

​In the world where everything is changing, we wanted to take an X-ray of our that is both deep-rooted, innovative and growing exponentially; with our current conditions.

Our collaboration with ITC within the scope of our holistic people & culture strategic transformation programs enabled us to embark on the journey with healthy diagnoses.

To tackle the rest is very easy…”

Esra Beyzadeoğlu

Chief People and Culture Officer @ Hepsiburada

Sebnem’s lecture at Business Agility Foundation course by Agile People was just great!

Useful and well-presented content, very well structured workshop, and above all held in a safe and inclusive atmosphere where learning is so natural and fun!”

Špela Rubio Brenčič

Chief People Officer @ Comland

Dear Şebnem,

We feel very lucky to work with you and your team to ensure the alignment of the Mondi Tire Kutsan Management Team among themselves, while improving our managers in terms of both mentoring and leadership through training.

In this journey that has been going on since 2018, you have been the companion and inspiration of our managers at all levels, with your personal manufacturing management background, project management, industrial engineering perspectives, HR management knowledge and coaching experience. We strengthen our claim to make a difference in our sector with the contribution of your teammates and business partners as well as you.

Yener Çimecioğlu

CEO @ 
Mondi Tire Kutsan

In 2021, we carried out the process of preparing the “Organizational Maturity Analysis Report” for our Company with the ITC Consultancy.

Our aim here was to identify the areas of development and needs of our company which is quite young; in order to work more efficiently with a full team identity.

The work done in this process has been beneficial beyond our expectations in enabling us to see our current situation transparently and to identify our concrete and unique needs. From this point of view, we clearly saw where and how we should start working on the development processes of our Company.

Carrying out this beneficial working process with her positive, trust-based approach and all her competence despite the pandemic conditions, In the presence of Ms. Şebnem Gürün Özeren, I would like to thank the ITC company.

Süleyman Girgin

General Manager @ 
Oyak Steag 

As Mondi Human Resources, we worked together with ITC on different projects.
In each project, especially in the “Leadership Development Program” and “Manager Evaluations”, the most prominent points for us are that the program designs are made according to our needs, that the program is updated flexibly according to the feedbacks in the process, and most importantly, Şebnem hn’s with strong communication skills, goodwill and sincerity creating an environment of trust in which participants share easily.
We are very happy to partner with Intent To Change and its accompany on our journey!”

Gülçin Turgut Saygı

Country HR Director @ Mondi Group

It is in a well-structured training with lots of high-level team activity.
Especially clear & smooth way of talking of the trainer (Ms. Şebnem), her high energy and involving everyone to the training was very successful.
 ​It was a wonderful training with lots of practical examples, questions & answers. Thanks.”

Aykut Şahin

Agile Coach @ Migros

As someone who believes that teams walk towards common goals with the same belief can achieve their goals; we had the chance to rediscover ourselves in our Team Coaching experience, which we conducted under the leadership of Ms. Şebnem. And we did it with a lot of laugh and fun.

I highly recommend this experience if you want to step into a process that teammates understand each other better and increase the team solidarity with a pleasant day. I would like to thank the Intent to Change team and especially Ms. Şebnem Gürün Özeren.

Umutcan Ünlü 

Head of Plant Quality @ Vaillant Group Turkey 

We had a business partnership with Intent To Change within the framework of our various needs in 2021.

Ms. Şebnem shows a performance that exceeds our expectations, both in individual coaching, team coaching and in-company trainings.

In addition to many of her strengths, Ms. Şebnem’s most distinctive feature is her understanding of expectations, her focus on needs, and her design of customized content within this framework. Thanks to her superior coaching skills, she has been a real business partner for our company by asking the right questions and understanding us correctly.

I would like to express my satisfaction both with the service we received as the HR Director and as a participant.

I would like to thank her on behalf of our managers whose competencies have improved through individual coaching, our teams has become stronger with team coaching, and our employees whose competencies have improved with their training.​

Thanks to her, Vaillant Group Turkey employees are now stronger!

Şenay Yalıç

HR Director @ 
Vaillant Group Turkey

I attended a 6 days of training with Intent To Change on Leadership, Project & Change Management and Diversity & Inclusion in Mar-2018. 

The words are not enough to express and illustrate the real benefit created from the trainings sessions, anyhow; I would like to thank Ms. Sebnam for organizing such a great training with real life examples, games which made the sessions really enjoyable and informative.

What a wonderfully practical course, personally and professionally!”

Sadaqat Yaqubi

Project Manager @ United Nations UNDP

As OMÜD, we have worked with Ms. Şebnem from ITC for our vision and mission definition process and also our member experience and value survey process.

Her excellent facilitation skills created a major difference in both processes. The methods and effective communication skills she has used created significant value to our work. I thank her for all her contribution.”

Umay Yılmaz

General Secretary @ 

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