About Us

We are founded in 2016 and from then on working to understand the needs of our customers and combining technical background in Agile, Lean, Engineering, R&D with HR, Change Management, Coaching and Team Coaching to design services accordingly with our Turkish & International business partners. 

Şebnem Gürün Özeren
Managing Director – Consultant

Şebnem, having many years of management experience in manufacturing, lean, project management and HR in international companies; has deep cross-functional knowledge ranging from technical perspectives to renewal of HR processes to leverage human performance.

Her approach is to blend her analytical background with global coaching skills during the Agile and other change/transformation journeys.

Having a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and being an internationally certified Trainer & Coach; Şebnem also serves as a facilitator to ease the change efforts of organizations, teams and individuals.

She is co-writer of the book “Agile People Principles: Your Call to Action for the Future of Work. And she is the editor of the Turkish version of the book Agile People – A Radical Approach For HR & Managers

And she defines herself as the advocate of Psychological Safety & Growth Mindset. 


Our Business Partners

We have subject matter of experts and trustworthy business partners from Sweden, Austria and Turkey.

Agile People, is a global community of professional agilists who work to help all types of organizations increase business agility.

Intent To Change is proud to being a leading member of Global Agile People Movement from Sweden.

We as Agile People, see Agile beyond a methodology. It is a way of thinking and behaving and if Agile frameworks like scrum and kanban are implemented focusing on People, then it becomes an excellent container for Agile Principles, behaviors to thrive.

Trainconsulting is an Austria based consultancy company operating now for more than 30 years. 

Trainconsulting is known by working in consultation with customers and designing change processes which are profound, sustainable and effective. We are honored to work with Trainconsulting in change management projects.  

Guiding Organizations